About Us

We chose to sell rings, because they are often SYMBOLS OF LOVE which we give to those we care about, to give them a constant reminder that they are loved and thought of.

Rings can also be a special gift that we give to ourselves, to lift our spirits, as a special reminder to us and those around us, that we have much to be joyful about and grateful for.

Symbols of Love is based out of Oahu, Hawaii, and was officially launched on MARCH FORTH 2007.

PART OF OUR MISSION is to help others:

20% percent of all profit from sales goes to non-profit organizations which provide help to those in extreme need.

PICTURES of all rings are REAL photos which were photographed by us:

All pictures were taken of the actual rings being sold.

All rings are individually chosen here in Hawaii to be sold.


Because this site is just starting, not all sizes are yet available, please have patience with us, as we look forward to providing more sizes.


We have tried to keep shipping and handling fees down to a minimum, so that you can buy without worry. Shipping starts as low as $4.99 and only goes up to $6.42. Regardless of how many rings you buy, it will not go above $6.42 total for shipping & handling fees. Enjoy!


All rings are guaranteed for 14 days from the date of purchase. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply return the items and a refund will be provided upon receipt, minus the initial shipping fee and a $3 (per ring) re-stocking fee. In order to receive such a refund, rings must be in pristine resellable condition, no scratches or evidence of wear.

ALL Major Credit Cards /PAYMENTS received through PAYPAL

All payments are processed professionally through Paypal. Paypal receives payments by all major credit cards, as well as through direct Paypal payments. Buy with confidence!